About Us

Keith and I became pool owners in 1999. Not knowing much about pools or water chemistry, the pool seemed to rule our lives instead of allowing us to enjoy family time in and around the pool.  I decided to seek help in maintaining the pool and balancing the water.

This is when I first walked into a local BioGuard store – Wow!

What a difference – the water was tested with a computer and the printout gave me exact details on what chemicals to add, the proper amount and the sequence in which to add them. I religiously went every week back to the same pool store to get a pool water checkup.  After two weeks the pool was gorgeous and ready to use whenever we wanted to use it – not the other way around.

In 2008 after much research and investigation, I decided that because of my experience, helping others struggling with the same issues with their pool was going to be my goal.  We decided opening a pool store would be a great way to spread the word that BioGuard and their products were amazing and that a simple weekly water test makes all the difference.

But what to call the store? I wanted the name to convey the warm and friendly feeling we wanted customers to feel when they came. One day, our daughter, Kristen, who was 5 at the time, said, “How about cozy?” Keith and I latched onto the word, and Cozy Pools and Spas was born.

We have two children that are beginning to show interest in working at the store and in the field with the service crew.  It truly is a family oriented business and we hope that when you come into our store that is the feeling that you get – downright Cozy!

Building pools is my husband’s passion – he loves to take a backyard and create a space with how you will use the space in mind.  We sit with our customers and discuss what will work best for them – then he creates a 3D image with the rough idea right in your home.  It sure helps the customer identify and visualize what they see in their mind’s eye.

Our store is small but packed with inventory – that’s why we only offer the very best line of chemicals, grilling equipment, and toys.  The Big Green Egg – the ultimate cooking machine – and BioGuard chemicals are by far the best products in the industry. We also offer the Walden Farms complete line, Spices, Charcoal, Wood Chips, Planks and Grilling accessories.

We are open all year – even in the cold of winter – with not much going on we are open and ready to discuss your ideas for renovating your pool, installing a new pool or just stopping by to say, “Hello” – because in Mount Airy that’s what customers do….