Please note that our service area covers zip codes within a fifteen mile radius of Mount Airy and that we do not service hot tubs/spas or above ground pools.

Spring 2024 Openings:


Spring 2024 Opening Contract – PDF (Includes Instructions)

Spring Opening Service Includes:

Blow off pool deck; remove, fold, and place cover in the on-site storage container (bag, box, etc.) and left poolside to dry.
Install gauges, plugs and baskets; Remove winter plugs and gizmos; Startup pump and filter system.
Pool coping, tile and pool surface will be brushed.
Assemble ladders, rails and diving board. (If ladder wobbles it will not be installed) ~ Add an initial dose of shock to water.
(NO VACUUMING or LEAF REMOVAL is included in the opening price.)

Pool Repair Authorization Form

New Equipment Installation or Replacement Estimate Form

PDF Form Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance:    $135.00 Each Visit

Service includes:

  • Vacuum pool, as needed
  • Test Water chemistry
  • Empty cleaner of any debris
  • Brush Walls, and skim pool surface
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Backwash filter, as needed

Vacation service:  $135 Each Visit Service includes:

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Test water chemistryVacuum pool as needed

Fall Closing Service Includes:

Pump down the pool to the appropriate level.
Winter filter cleaning: backwash a sand filter, remove and rinse the D.E. filters or hose off the cartridge filters.
Clear the lines of water, install your winter plugs and gizmos, add antifreeze as needed.
Place the cover over the pool. Covers using water bags; will be filled and placed around pool. Cover Pumps will not be placed.

Winter Service Form – PDF

Pool Repair Authorization Form

New Equipment Installation or Replacement Estimate Form

For renovations to coping/tile/plaster; safety covers; and decking – please visit our Renovations & Covers page.

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